SUP Surfing

‘Give Respect To Gain Respect’

Don’t be a wave hog, don’t snake waves, don’t ever drop in, always wear a leash, read the rules, know your limits. If you are not familiar with general surfing etiquette rules then click here. Make sure you educate yourself on these simple rules before you go SUP surfing.


This is the busiest break in the area and will always have people surfing when there is the smallest chance of a wave. When the forecast is good, it’s completely over crowded and this can be a hazard. Stay well away from the pack if you are on a SUP. Both sides of the pier break so have a look around and don’t just surf the place where everyone else is! Works better on a lower tide. Free 2 hour parking at Westcliff by the Marriot Hotel.


Similar to Bournemouth this is a busy spot but usually a little quieter that Bournemouth as it holds less shelter from the prevailing SW winds. There is more room at Boscombe too so you have a better chance of surfing without crowds. Works better on a lower tide.




On a good swell (mainly in the winter) these areas can get great waves. The piers can have zooed out on the good days and just 5 mins away the chines can be breaking  just as good with only a few people out, if any. Go explore and you could be pleasantly suprised. Branksome Dene Chine can hold some excellent waves on the lower tide.


Seems to be getting better and the banks are building up again. Worth checking out on the good days. We have been using Southbourne for club surf meets as we get the water to ourselves & it can be a fun little wave.


Classic SUP wave when it’s on. Needs a decent sized swell but when it’s on its SUP heaven!! It needs a solid groundwell but is worth a look as the reward of a ridiculously long right hander is worth it. Can be really hard work when it’s windy with a rip which runs towards friars cliff.


Tends to pick up more swell than the piers. It’s a big bay and breaks in various places so plenty of room. On the right swell, this break can be superb. Can be a fierce shored dump when the tide is high so take care. Pollution is bad after rainfall.


Firstly, if you are a beginner, then we suggest you DO NOT SUP surf at Kimmeridge. This break is for experienced SUP surfers only. All the breaks at Kimmeridge are reef with very shallow areas. When this spot is firing it’s quite hard to believe you are surfing the south coast as it’s truly amazing. Yellows, Ledges and in the Bay are great SUP waves.  The Bench is SUPable but you better know what you’re doing or the reef will hurt you. We would not recommend SUP at the Bench. Even the Ledges can be scary on a big day. Yellow’s and the Bay are great fun. Yellow’s, which is to the east of the Ledges is usually quiet as it’s a long paddle for surfers. Ledges is the most crowded spot in the area and when it’s busy it can be hard work on a SUP. Our recommendation would be to NOT surf here if it’s busy and take a short paddle over to Yellow’s where you will have a much better surf (longer rides, perfect for SUP). If you do decide to surf Ledges, please be respectful to other surfers – don’t snake waves, don’t drop in, don’t be a wave hog and don’t be a hero! You’ll probably get stink eye for surfing Ledges on a SUP which sucks but it will probably happen, some surfers don’t like SUP and need to get over themselves but they won’t. Rather than have agro during your session, just take a short paddle over to Yellow’s. Trust us, you will be so glad you took the 2 mins to paddle over as the wave is superb for SUP. However, if there are surfers at Yellow’s (some can be bothered to paddle over) be respectful again and don’t snake waves, don’t drop in, don’t be a wave hog and don’t try and be a hero. We all know that SUP’s catch more waves but that’s doesn’t mean you should, let some go and be respectful to others Also, and this is something people don’t do enough of, when paddling into a wave, make sure you look to the inside of the wave to check that you are not dropping in on someone. We see so many SUP surfers not looking and they wonder why they get shouted at.

The Bay is also amazing for SUP when it works and has super long rides and is pretty much empty most of the time. If you are new to SUP surfing then the Bay can be ideal as it’s a long mellow ride. But please remember this is all reef

Please do your upmost to be respectful at Kimmeridge and remember that you are an ambassador for SUP.


Gets shelter from big south westerly storms. Can be a fun wave but tends to close out on the beach. Well worth a look in the winter on a big south westerly.