Distance and Tech courses for GB SUP Race 21-July

Tech Race:

1. Beach start to the inner buoy

2. Continue the course returning to the beach where you will run up the beach with board and paddle around 2 markers then head back out to continue more laps. Number of laps will be determined when course is laid out but should be around 4 laps



Distance Race:

1. Paddlers will head out to a red buoy approx 50 meters from the shoreline.

2. Then head directly for the cardinal buoy which is located just off Bournemouth Pier.

3. Go round the cardinal buoy with it on your left handside.

4. Head towards shore and paddle within the 8knts markers buoys (aka minion buoys) paddling all the way back to the red marker.

5. Turn around the red marker and head for the Branksome cardinal buoy. This cardinal will be the first one you get to. Turn around this buoy and head back to the red buoy turning with it on your right handside and cross the finish line