2018 Paddling Activities

Training Paddles:

Starting from: 29-March through to September.
Where: Branksome DENE Chine or Avon Beach Mudeford
When: every Thursday evening
Time: 1840 Breifing, 1845 Start and finish around 1945
What: Each session will be tailored to the conditions but the aim is to do beach/technical race training and distance paddling, rotating each week.

You don’t have to be a racer or have a pointy raceboard board or visor or stickers on your board to join in these sessions, but you will need to be able to confidently paddle at least 5k in coastal conditions. The distance will be around 7k with a max of 10k.

For distance sessions, these will be split by ability and people grouped together so you paddle with people who have similar experience and speed. For beach sessions, we will all finish at roughly the same time so that no one is left behind.

Equipment: board paddle and we HIGHLY recommend you wear a leash. If you have a GPS watch, please use it as you’ll be able to programme in the sessions.

What to wear: the water is pretty much at its coldest right now so you need boots and if you think there is a chance you’ll fall in then you need a wetsuit. As the water warms up ditch the suit as you’ll get very hot paddling these sessions. Bring fluid if you need it. Please try to wear something bright so you are visible to other paddlers.

Please be ready on the beach at 6.40pm for the briefing.

Post session refreshments: Drinks at the Inn in the Park and as we get further into the season we’ll BBQ on the seafront.

The session and expected sea conditions will be posted up on our Facebook page on a Wednesday night.

If you have any questions, please post up. It’s going to be a great season on the water. Please join in if you are new, the usual crowd are a great bunch and have years of experience which they are happy to share.

You must be a current member of Baysup to attend.

PS, we’ll also be holding social paddles on the same night so there is something for everyone one, more details to come but please feel free to join in and have a leisurely paddle


Social Paddles – TBD, WATCH THIS SPACE

Social paddles: WATCH THIS SPACE!